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ITSA (UK) Ltd have setup events for a number of large organisations all over Europe.


These events were either "Kick-off" events purely for the staff or large user shows.  In both cases many of the requirements were the same.  One of the largest costs to the business are the telecommunication costs - staff dialling into their E-mail from hotel rooms for that all important sales E-Mail. 


These costs can be significant and one of the remits for ITSA (UK) Ltd is to reduce cost.  A room was setup on the conference site - staffed early in the morning and late at night to enable users to come and connect for their E-Mail, backup their data etc.  This was a dedicated fixed cost link.


The event can have a number of network connections - Internet pods for the customers so that they can connect to web mail and work during breaks.  This link is secured from the event link so that you can demonstrate your own products in the main auditorium.


Secure Wireless links for those hard to reach board or meeting rooms at the event.

Press rooms kitted out with Faxes and copying facilities.

ITSA (UK) Ltd can help you plan and implement these type of infrastructures at any point in Europe.


Event Management includes:

  • Manage the IT part of the event.
  • Secure wireless network.
  • Customer Registration.
  • Equipment loan if required.
  • Arrange the hardware and software delivery.
  • Mobile communications.
  • Hardware and software installation.


Information Technology Support Associates  (UK) Ltd
57 Allenby Road
Telephone/Fax  : +44 1628 770870

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