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201 Fulwich Rd,
Dartford, Kent, England
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Dartford Transmissions offer fair and competitive pricing that includes transmission fluid replacement, diagnosis costs, labour and aftercare. Identifying transmission problems isn’t always easy but a loss in drive performance could be an indication that something isn’t as it should be. While the issue may be related to something as simple as low fluid levels, some indications such as dashboard warning lights or an unconventional ‘feel’ could indicate a more serious problem. We resolve major issues for customers in the Dartford area using manufacturer-specific gearbox repairs or reconditioned transmissions.


At the simple end of the scale, Dartford Transmissions provide transmission fluid replacement services that remove as much as 98% of the old materials. If the problem is more complex, we undertake automatic gearbox repairs that reflect the results of our diagnostic checks. To gain a clear understanding of the problem, we plug into your vehicle’s on-board computer and use advanced code reading equipment to gain a clearer picture of the fault. Once we have a full diagnosis, we can recommend a suitable course of repair.


If we have to undertake automatic gear repairs that require full disassembly, Dartford Transmissions chemically wash all removed parts before inspecting them for wear and tear. We replace worn components and meticulously clean the gearbox prior to reassembly. Our technicians replace gaskets, filters and seals so that the final rebuild is as close to the original specification as possible. Our Dartford-based business also supplies and fit reconditioned transmissions that come with an exclusive 12,000 mile or 12 month warranty.


Areas We Cover

  • Dartford
  • Bexley Heath
  • Sidcup
  • Gravesend


201 Fulwich Rd

 01322 222 608

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 01322 222 608


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