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Live Webcast

An exciting way of sharing your event with persons who cannot be physically present is Webcasting. An internet connection is all you need to view everything that occurs at your event, be it in anywhere in the town or in the country or for that matter anywhere in the world. Best part is that there is no need to wait for the event to be over and recorded. It can be viewed live as it is happening.


A webcast is a media file distributed over the internet using streaming media technology. A webcast may either be distributed live or on demand. Simply put webcasting is nothing but "broadcasting" over the internet.


Real Time listening as well as viewing of the Speaker or the Presenter can take place in the webcast; hence it is quite similar to viewing a live event on the television. The Webcast Platform of Webstream enjoys certain advantages in comparison to a television or any other channel of broadcast -

  • As a tool of communication webcasting is highly cost effective and very well accepted across industries.
  • The distribution of content can take place geographically as well as regionally without any restrictions.
  • Our rich text based Q&A module facilitates interaction of the viewers with the speaker.
  • Our unique polling feature allows the Presenters and the Speakers to get instant feedback from their viewers.
  • The webcast can be viewed either live or on-demand (recorded) depending on the viewer's choice.
  • The webcast can be viewed from home, office or a public location depending on the choice of the viewers.


Webcast Receiving

Webstream has been one of the pioneering provider of webcast receiving services and holds a wide experience of conducting as well as implementing more than 1500 events in a short span of last four years. Most of the previous clients have been impressed by our webcast receiving services so much so that they have requested our team to handle the whole webcasting event along with the technical logistics at the webcast receiving site.


The challenges faced by the clients in handling the webcast arrangements at the locations other than the HUB location are as follows:

  • Lack of technical expertise on the part of the Local Rep/DM/ABM.
  • Lack of Understanding in terms of Internet Bandwidth Speed.
  • No time for Pre Event Testing or Coordination.
  • Incorrect Bandwidth requirement given to the Hotel resulting in "buffering" on the final day of the event.
  • Internet line cost overrun due to improper negotiations with the hotel.
  • Dependency on the hotel for the audio visual arrangements resulting in a high cost per location.
  • No single point of contact translating into a coordination breakdown.
  • Field spends more time coordinating the requirements than being productive on the field developing business.


Benefits of Wesbtream's Webcast Receiving Event Logistics Service:

  • Single Point of Contact for all the technical arrangements.
  • Expertise in handling a webcast receiving location.
  • Professionally managed pre event testing.
  • Trained audio visual production teams across 101 cities in the country.
  • Appropriate internet line & bandwidth speed arrangements.
  • Client saves both time & money.
  • Client feels more relaxed & is less anxious.


On Demand

The term On-Demand streaming consists of several services. Under this the event is encoded, captured, hosted and accessed as and when required. Thus, the viewers according to their own convenience are able to retrieve a sound file or a video clipping that have been implanted as well as serviced on a website.


We provide everything from complete streaming website solution to clearly characterized content for later, on demand retrieval. We can place streaming content on your existing website or revise your site altogether to incorporate streaming as a central part of your site.


On-demand streaming is majorly used for the purpose of corporate training, seminars, HR initiatives, product information along with several other functions, the usage of which cannot be limited in today's times.


Voting Pads

Voting pads are portable interactive audience response and electronic voting tools commonly used in meetings, case study based CMEs, trainings, decision making, and focus group applications. Numerous studies confirm that meaningful interaction between a presenter and the audience improves attentiveness, interest, comprehension, and recall. Direct involvement and instant feedback also promote more effective communication. The result is greater effectiveness and productivity - for both the presenter and audience members.


Voting pads find huge applications at:

  • Doctors Symposiums & Workshops
  • Case Study Based CME (Continuous Medical Education) Events
  • Interactive conferences, seminars and exhibitions
  • Delegate and shareholder voting sessions
  • Classroom training and interactive distance learning
  • Group decision support and strategic planning
  • Focus group research
  • Employee and customer surveys
  • Advertising testing
  • Opinion analysis and political polling.
  • TV game shows and special events.
  • Assessment and auditing.
  • Multi-site video conferences


Webstream has executed over 1500 such events & counting with Professors & Speakers based across 90 countries worldwide as well as with Domestic Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).


What we bring to the table is an in depth understanding of the pharma & healthcare industry, their communication needs & of course the rich technical expertise stemming out of the experience of conducting a variety of events over the years.

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