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8 Foxgrove Road, Beckenham,
Kent, England
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To make sure that your pet remains healthy and happy, it is important to get the information you need that is specific to the animal. Bring your pet into Foxgrove Veterinary Centre for ongoing pet care and get free friendly advice while we perform:
 •  Expert grooming for large and small pets  
 •  Parasite control and preventative treatments
 •  Dental care and teeth cleaning

Homoeopathic treatments available
If you are interested in alternative veterinary medicine, our homoeopathic enthusiast, Dr. Karin Blab, is on site to help our clients with the very finest in homoeopathic treatments. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.


Call your friendly local Bromley and Beckenham pet care centre today and arrange an appointment
020 8650 2003

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