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As a producer and distributor of natural stone products, we fully control quality and make sure that only premium goods are delivered to our customers. We give a wide choice of products, from granite setts and paving slabs, through kerbs and walling stone, to circles and decorative paving, so that everyone’s needs are satisfied.Our items are available in a number of sizes, textures and finishes to blend with all kinds of surroundings. Durability and weather resistance of the materials we use make them a long-term investment. Our hard landscaping products are suitable for driveway, patio and path paving, kerbs and edging, walling and cladding. Goods are available for both individual and trade customers. We supply only the best natural stone, ethically sourced in Europe. Goods are delivered throughout the entire UK. Apart from granite, we also stock slate cladding, walling and paving. We can supply a wide range of colours, from the usual grey or black, through to shades of yellow or red. Our paving stones come in many varieties, giving more options for creativity, with the natural beauty of stone enhancing any design. Natural stone is resistant enough to withstand impacts, and will not chip or crack. All our products are low maintenance, and pay for themselves after only a short time, when other materials start to show the signs of age and require expensive repairs.
Beautify your garden using our natural granite setts, walling stone and irregular paving slabs,
Garden Inspirations
Use our high quality natural stone products to create beautiful and durable paths and edgings.
Paving Slabs Fan-Shaped
We offer the most time and cost-effective paving solution. Our innovative paving system is based on using pre-assembled elements made of carefully selected granite setts. Fan shaped paving slabs are one of the most popular products available in a number of colour versions. Also matching endings are sold to complete your design.
Decorative Paving
If you lack inspiration for your outdoor area paving, choose from the range of pre-assembled kits. Available in many sizes, colours and prices to suit your needs and budget. As all the elements are handcrafted, you get unique works of art, perfect in every detail.
Path Paving
Irregular slate stone offers a natural rustic look and works well for pedestrian areas such as paths and walkways. Edgings can be created out of granite setts.

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