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Building Information Modeling is important for all stakeholders in the construction industry. Pinnacle specializes in BIM consulting and helps firms in BIM implementation. Benefits of choosing Pinnacle for BIM implementation include:

  • 3D visualization of the building spaces 
  • Improved constructability analysis 
  • Detection and resolution of component clashes 
  • Quick Quantity Estimates/Material take-offs 
  • Easy implementation of changes 
  • Exploration of design options during the conceptual stage 
  • Facilities management throughout the building lifespan



BIM Strategy helps in the development of AEC business. Pinnacle enables AEC industry to embrace latest BIM technology. Using our expertise and research, we provide training and advisory services to the organizations that are willing to adopt BIM processes within their projects or businesses. Our BIM strategy focuses on the tangible and intangible staff training requirements of organizations. We consider the following elements while formulating a BIM strategy:

  • Cost to Benefit Ratio of BIM Strategy Implementation
  • Acquisition & Incorporation of New Software within Existing Systems
  • Incorporation of BIM Principles into Existing Work Procedures


Cost to Benefit Ratio of BIM Strategy Implementation
We estimate the costs and benefits of implementing BIM carefully, considering both the short term and the long term expenses. Short term costs are associated with upgrading technology and staff training, whereas the long term costs are pertaining to the transition period in which an organization moves from the existing workflow to BIM implementation. Once the transition period is over, BIM becomes an asset for a construction firm, resulting in financial boosts from various angles like waste prevention, time savings, cost savings, energy conservation, improved coordination and better end product. We analyze the ratio between the outgoing costs and cost benefits to figure out which BIM implementation is applicable and evaluate the level of risk associated with it. This helps us modify BIM strategy and make it useful for the short, medium and long terms.

Acquisition & Incorporation of New Software within Existing Systems
Acquiring the right BIM software program is crucial for any BIM strategy. We consider various BIM software programs available online and evaluate them with regard to the software system currently used by an organization. Comparing multiple options with regard to what they are capable of and how they are compatible helps us in developing a BIM strategy prudently.

Incorporation of BIM Principles into Existing Work Procedures
We create BIM strategy combining existing workflow systems with BIM procedures. Our aim is to recognize productive components in existing systems and maintain them in the new system.




We provide a cost-effective method of content creation for organizations. Our experienced team transforms products and systems into fully parametric BIM objects using Revit. Content creation in Revit helps to make the products readily available to designers. Moreover, it implements quick design change, facilitates easy scheduling, creates different views, aids pre-fabrication and marketing and offers accuracy with regard to quantity, specification and coordination.

The libraries we have created for Architecture, Plumbing Fixtures, Mechanical, Pipes, Chillers, Structural, Air Diffusion, Fire Protection, Electrical and Public Health include:

  • Architecture – Door Handles, Doors, Furniture, Furniture Systems, Lighting Fixtures
  • Plumbing Fixtures – Specialty Equipment, Walls, Windows
  • Mechanical – Air Handling Units, Boilers, Calorifier, Chilled Beams, Cooling Towers, De-Aerators, Dispersion Tube, Exhaust Utility Set, Expansion Vessels, Fan, Gas, Heat Exchangers, Heaters, Heating Coils, Line Clean Out, Micro turbines
  • Pipes – Pressurization Units, Pumps, Valves
  • Chillers – Compressors
  • Structural – Trusses
  • Air Diffusion – Fans, Humidifiers, Inline Equipment
  • Fire Protection – Fire Hydrants, Manifold, Valve Sets
  • Electrical – Batteries, CRAC Units, Generators, Junction Boxes, Switch Boards, Bus Bar, Containment
  • Public Health – Sump Pumps, Tanks


The importance of implementing the right technology with a view to future needs is critical. Pinnacle transforms current business processes with the use of latest software applications. We review the current processes and ensure that we can define, train and implement technology for improving the overall processes.
Our BIM execution planning involves the following processes:
1. Getting the Right Software Package for better functionality – We choose the right software program for BIM implementation by testing various software packages.
2. Ensuring an Expert in the Lead Position – After sourcing the right software package, we select the right project managers for your organization and impart special BIM training program to them.
3. Creating a Well-Defined Plan for BIM execution – We incorporate BIM in the existing system of a firm by planning the transition properly.
4. Establishing In-House Standards and Policies – Interoperability and standardization are the biggest challenges with BIM. In order to prevent such issues from affecting an organization we establish in-house standards and policies for governing the way of BIM operation.



Hiring a BIM manager is often a daunting task for an organization. With our experience of handling a team of 750+ BIM professionals, we are able to understand the project need and create the most befitting BIM organization chart. We take the challenge of reviewing the technical and practical experience of all candidates before getting them onboard. Our team ensures that every project you take up would be successful on the choice you make for your team.

Providing the right training is also important for BIM implementation. Pinnacle helps in upgrading employee skills by showing the process of handling software package and using BIM elements aptly to get the best out of new technologies. We time the training drive in such a manner that it allows the employees to put into practice what they have learnt immediately rather than practicing several months later.




Our team has the expertise in controlling and guiding the current and future needs. We conduct an audit for an existing IT infrastructure and make a detailed discussion with suitable heads on future expansion and budgets in terms of hardware and software requirement. After reviewing, we provide a detailed recommendation to ensure that the future implementation can be smoothly executed. The review becomes more critical when multiple office locations across various continents are to be linked together. Our implementation strategy ensures that adequate team members, technical groundwork, teaching and knowledge management are customized for each office location.

Benefits of choosing Pinnacle for IT Infrastructure Planning:

  • Increased clarity of project intent to stakeholders
  • Ensuring data fidelity & continuity across project life-cycle
  • Providing critical foundation for business agility
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