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Rita Gaitskell
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11 Rookfield Court,
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I have experience as a live-in carer for 5 years in the UK. My experience covers:

  1. advanced personal care,
  2. incontinence care,
  3. mobility issues,
  4. short term memory loss, 
  5. stroke,
  6. disposable stoma care,
  7. Catheter bag administration 
  8. COPD.
  9. Administering medication.
  10. Organising and taking clients to doctors and dentist appointment
  11. organizing chiropody home visits. 
  12. Catering for clients friends,
  13. organizing outings, 
  14. cooking housekeeping and basic cleaning.

I am caring, honest, patient, reliable and have learnt to be a good listener. I  have a good sense of humour.  Cooking is one of my favourite past times.  I enjoy board games and reading, walking and driving into the countryside.  My favourite television programs are sport and the Discovery channels. 

I reared my two children as a single divorced parent with great success. Both my children have  university degrees and are well adjusted and independent.

I also have hands on caring  experience. I cared for my husband for more than 4 years and for his father who was terminally ill with lung cancer. 

Before we were married I used to assist my husband’s mother with day to day chores, accompanying her to hospital appointments as her mobility was compromised, when I spent holidays in their home in the UK


The functions that I had to undertake on a daily basis were feeding, cooking, laundry, cleaning, assist with bathing and dressing. Making sure that sufficient nutrition was consumed on a regular basis by encouraging eating.  Ensured that medication was taken correctly. 


Additionally, In my husband’s case  I had a two week period (without prior warning from his medical team) ,  where I had to administer a convene and  replace urine bags at regular intervals before he was hospitalized for a third time. 


I used to read poetry to my husband as he was very fond of poetry and I used to read to my father-in-law and take him on drives into the countryside and we would take tea at a restaurant.


I have experience in dealing with urinary incontinence, by making sure that a pad is regularly used and that there was a sufficient supply of pads at all times.


My administrative/ office work experience includes secretarial work and senior administration. These roles included paying attention to detail, recording information accurately and timeously and taking care of the needs of my line manager as a secretary and PA by using my initiative.

I sincerely hope that the above experience will stand me in good stead and afford me the opportunity of taking up care work with your organization.


Thank you 

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