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Fatlarrys Xpress
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351 Wellingborough Road,
Northampton, Northamptonshire, England NN1 4ER
Service Description

We are a bespoke Burger Takeaway company that uses fresh organic ingredients in all are products, we also deliver to all parties and offer a bbq service for parties.


Our menu
We have listed some of our most popular dishes below. All dishes are also available for take away.

Main dishes
Breakfast Buffet 
Fish and chips                                    £6.50-.--
Hot dog                                              £2.50-.--
Chesse burger                                    £2.99-.--
Hamburger                                          £-.2.00--
Chesse and Tomato Pizza  Small         £2.75-.--
Onion Rings                                        £1.75-.--
Poached Egg Surprise                         £5.75-.--
Kingsize Burger                                   £-6.50.--

Side orders
Fresh juices . Orange, Pineapple, Grapefruit,       £1.75-.--
Smoothes.     Blueberrys, Strawberries,              £2.75-.--
Tea, Coffee , lattes, Hot Chocolate,                     £1.75-.--
Veg Curries/vegetable Soups                              £5.75-.--
Poppadums                                                       £-.50--

Mayonnaise       £0-.99--
Ketchup             £0-99.--
Gravy                £0-.99--

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