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Newcastle City, Tyne and Wear, England NE4 6ER
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Massage Services helps provide your Vitamin D ... with Infrared Treatments Tel: *** 07835267994 *** or visit SIA at 9 Elswick Road, Newcastle, NE4 6ER when you want to Relax ... are Anxious - Irritable - Restless - Have Low Energy or Fatigue, difficulty sleeping and loss of interest in normal activities. You may suffer from (SAD). "What is SAD" ? it an abbreviation for "Sunshine Affective Disorder" and it is believed to be the reason for many of our modern illnesses, 100 years ago 80% of humanity worked outdoors and got lots of infrared rays from normal sunlight hours even during the Winter months. Modern humanity spends to little time in the Sunshine so we need to have Infrared treatments to help this deficiency. Infrared are Rays that penetrate the skin and are absorbed into the deeper tissue, muscles & joints. They enhance the Red Blood Corpuscles & invigorate your body. The warmth and relaxation comes from the massage provided by the Masseuse in comfortable quiet surroundings at our Salon. Infrared rays do not Tan, tanning is dangerous. Infrared is advised for ‘’SAD” (Sunshine Affective Disorder) it helps your wellbeing and can alleviate depression and many other ailments. Normal Massage Services are provided without Infrared at £25 for 30 mins and £40 for an hour. "Infrared warmth (Vitamin D)" costs an extra £5 for 30 mins

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