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We do all levels of renovation. This could be simple cosmetic enhancements such as painting and decorating. However, sometimes your house may need more extensive work in which case we can do replastering, rewiring electrics, complete central heating systems installation, double glazing. We can also incorporate changes to the layout of your house and will give you an idea of what is possible.



Renovating your house is a good way of customising it to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Renovating your house is also a very good way to enhance the value of your house. Sometimes people will weigh up the costs and benefits of renovating as an alternative to moving elsewhere. Moving house will involve several costs including the costs of searching for a new property, estate agent fees and legal fees amongst other considerations.


Loft Conversions

The UK has some of the smallest homes in Europe and practically every household struggles with storage or living space. While stamp duty, solicitor fees, and property costs rise, a loft conversion can provide an elegant solution to these problems.

The benefits of a loft conversion don’t stop there; your new development can significantly increase the value of your property, increase the amount of light in your home, and even improve your views.

Andrew Ascot will guide you through the basics of your loft or attic conversion, as well as the more technical aspects such as lighting and energy supplies, to create a beautiful bespoke family room, study or master suite.


1. Add value to your home

2. Avoid moving costs and upheaval

3. Increase space

4. Improve your views

5. Increase daylight

6. In many cases, no planning permission is required.



With the cost of moving home getting ever costlier, recent years has seen an increase in the number of cramped householders choosing instead to stay put and free up some space by extending their property. By building a conservatory or extension to an existing property, householders can bypass the time, effort and numerous fees associated with moving.



There are many notable benefits, here are some examples given below:

1. Provision of more bedrooms or more living space.

2. Improvement of facilities such as larger kitchen/additional bathroom.

3. Planning permission adds value to your property. Even if you decide not to build, having approved planning permission increases the market price of your house.

4. Additional workspace.


Basement Renovations

Basement and cellar conversions are quickly growing in popularity in the UK. Whereas it has been the norm in the US and Canada for decades now, in the UK we are only just starting to fully realise the benefits of utilising the space underneath our houses in this way. It’s no surprise that the trend is catching on quickly, though – once you realise the many ways that converting your basement could improve your lifestyle, you will wonder why you ever ignored the space for so long.



There are many notable benefits, here are some examples given below:

1. Basement conversions mean you don’t have to sacrifice your garden

2. They allow for more practical choices

3. Converting your basement can make you money



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