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Bob Haynes
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Coventry, West Midlands, England CV6 7BZ
Service Description

Basic Pet Dog Training

  • Walking on the lead
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Recall

After completion of this course owners will have control of their dogs and will have been shown the pleasure that owning a well behaved dog can bring. For many owners this level of control is quite sufficient. For owners wishing to progress to other aspects of dog training we can offer much more…..

Advanced Obedience Training

  • Send away
  • Re-direction
  • Distance control
  • Stand
  • Variations of speed
  • Variations of recall
  • Retrieve
  • Extended stays including out of sight

Searching for Property

  • Dogs are taught to search an area of ground to find any articles bearing human scent.
  • Owners are taught the theory of scent so that they are able to understand more about the world of scent that their dog lives in.
  • This training is the same basic scent training that is taught to operational Police Dogs and Handlers.
  • One of our most popular courses!


  • Dogs are taught to follow a line of scent on the ground where a person has walked.
  • This course is the same basic tracking training that is taught to Police Dogs and Handlers.
  • An intensive course but one that is most fulfilling for both dogs and owners.

Introduction to Personal Protection

  • A course that is taught in a non-confrontational and non- aggressive manner.
  • It shows owners how their dog’s natural abilities can be harnessed in such a way that the levels of protection that their dogs can offer to them are more than adequate for everyday needs.
  • This course can be a great confidence booster to owners and another activity that their dog will both enjoy and benefit from.
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