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Hemisphere Roofing
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20 Sarrington Road,
Corby, Northamptonshire, England NN17 1JZ
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Have a whole new roof installed by our experts today. Hemisphere Roofing provides roofing services to the Corby, Northamptonshire area. We are always on hand for roof installations, whether you need flat roofing on a new build or tiling replacements on your existing roof.


Roofing Solutions

We're confident that our roofs will last for decades and offer you a robust 20-year guarantee. Hemisphere Roofing provides you with a variety of roofing, including the popular new high-performance felt systems, and metal roofing. We will strip old tiles and replace them with beautiful new ones so your home looks great.
Classic and Modern Choices
Make your home look beautiful with the use of slate, which has a life expectancy of at least 50 years. We provide slate for a classic and elegant look that is both traditional and hard wearing.
Our new high-performance felt systems combine the classic appeal of felt with multi-layered longevity and water protection.

Industrial Roofing Options
Comprising of eight metre by one metre panels that are mechanically fixed, Hemisphere Roofing provides corrugated or box profile roofing for factories and industrials sites.
These are also available for your home garage. Our other industrial roof options include rubber linings that are guaranteed for 20 years, and asphalt roofing for a long-lasting flat roof.

Roofing Maintenance
It's important to catch any damage before it gets too advanced so that your home stays safe and your repair costs stay minimal. We provide full roofing maintenance services and will check your roof and clean out any debris from the guttering. Don't let damp damage your home! Contract Hemisphere Roofing today and pay a single annual fee to ensure your roofs and guttering stay clear.

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